About Us

Since 1966

In 1966, Bill Postiy began a small butcher shop in our current location on Columbus Rd. in Canton, Ohio. In the following years, Bill worked hard and grew his business alone until his brother, Ron, left his career in meat inspection and joined him. Over the years, the Postiy brothers supplied the Akron, Canton and Cleveland markets with more fresh meat and groceries than one could have ever imagined. After years of growth, they had a wonderful selection of high-quality fresh meats, as well as frozen and dry goods. Postiy’s made a huge variety of custom beef and sausage blends and were known for their competitive pricing and quality products.

Unexpectedly, the two brothers were approached anonymously by an interested buyer. Bill and Ron Postiy ultimately sold their start up business to the Prestier family from Canton. The Prestiers manufactured and sold their secret recipe sausage under the name Tomasino’s Sausage. They would rename the business around 2000 and operate for just over a decade under the name Tomasino’s.

In 2012, Dave and Steve DiPietro purchased Tomasino Meats in an effort to use the property as a supply warehouse for their local pizza chain. They purchased the building and all equipment with it. In doing so, the brothers had vertically integrated themselves to gain complete control over their product from the ground up. Dave and Steve would once again rename the business Postiy’s Fine Food and Meats to try to restore the once sparking reputation.

As of 2018, the shop has been completely remodeled and a new retail store has been added. With the new look came a resurgence of the quality products Postiy’s had been known for. Postiy’s now offers a complete line of fresh and custom cut meats, fresh produce, frozen seafood, frozen groceries and a huge selection of dry groceries. Postiy’s is not only a supplier of fine foods, but a connoisseur. Everyone at the shop appreciates and know quality. We invite your to stop in and we’ll be happy to share our knowledge about our products, recipe ideas, and to show you our store.