Pleasure Food

Hungry People, Served since 1950

We Fry, Heavenly

Established in 1950, our farm raised animals in a ethical way, respecting living creatures and feeding them with the right Food… not following market rules but ethical principles. Today you’ll taste grass fed Beef

All of Fame!

Crunchy, Delicate and Sooo Tasty

We Made the Hard Way!

Raising Chicken is a Passion: each Day we choose to feed them, clean their spaces, giving the right amount of Air as Free Range Chickens. Each Day we Respect Them!

How We Rise

We Take Care of Them, always

Healthy Growth

Chicks are raised without antibiotics or added growth ormones

Integrated Farm

Chicks are bred, hatched and raised on the same farm (integrated farm).

Enough Space

Birds have enough space to flap their wings and preen without touching another bird.

Natural Behaviour

Chicks are able to perch in their natural way of Behave, without constraints.

No Hormones

NO antibiotics, NO animal by-products, NO added growth hormones.

75% Vegetative Cover

Grasses, legumes, herbs or other forage with an intact root base for perfect feeding.

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